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5 Kinds of Businesses that need secure DMS 

Written by Mario Zules on 18 October 2019

Any  organization with a vision to prosper in the twenty-first century needs a document management system



10 Ways A Document Management System Reduces Operational Costs 

Written by Mario Zules on 11 October 2019

Here are to 10 ways a DMS could save your company high operational costs and automate workflows



Document Management System - How to Start? 

Written by Bailey Belmont on 4 October 2019

Installing it provides you with a significant advantage, and here are some tips for you to start



Ana Canteli

Salesforce activity management  

Written by Ana Canteli on 27 September 2019

information is vital to making appropriate decisions, which is a strategic factor in the long term in a context as competitive as the current market



Ana Canteli

Document management in construction

Written by Ana Canteli on 20 September 2019

Construction management systems help implement and apply policies that promote our leadership in the construction industry



How a Document Management System Can Help Solve Enterprise Bottlenecks 

Written by Mario Zules on 13 September 2019

Here we go through nine common enterprise bottlenecks and how a document management system can alleviate them



How to Understand Your Document Management Problem

Written by Sandra Larson on 6 September 2019

There is virtually no wrong or right place to begin, you can nonetheless understand the concern, and you can start checking for the ideal solution



Ana Canteli

The document management in public administration 

Written by Ana Canteli on 23 August 2019

Document management is a tool for the organization and administration of information, but it also acts as a catalyst for knowledge management and continuous improvement. They also mean transparency to public bodies, since they facilitate information to those who need it



Why Document Management Software is Important for a Fleet Business 

Written by Angelica Reeves on 9 August 2019

As fleet management becomes more complex with trends shifting to financing and remarketing in fleet management companies, a great DMS like OpenKM ensures that a company is able to scale when they need to



Workflow Automation-Checklist For Selecting The Best Software 

Written by Mario Zules on 2 August 2019

In this post, we shall ten things to look out for, before purchasing process management software. Let’s dig in


Top 7 Worst Ways To Execute An Enterprise Content Management Solution 

Written by Chloe Bennet on 12 July 2019

Establishing the ECM that your team wants is a much more delicate process than a lot of people consider it. Let’s take a look at what can go wrong when you try and execute your enterprise content management solution



Ana Canteli

Role of Document management Software in digital banking 

Written by Ana Canteli on 05 July 2019

The importance of data is essential in the banking industry, and in most cases, this information is found in documents



Top 5 Record Management Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Written by Nora Mork on 21 June 2019

Your business records reflect a large amount of company time and resources. They are critical in protecting your company in a number of situations and are invaluable in audits



10 Advantages of Electronic Document Workflow Automation

Written by Mario Zules on 31 May 2019

In this post, we will explore the advantages of electronic document workflow automation. If your enterprise is business by paper, this is a great read you might not want to miss



6 Steps to a better online document management system 

Written by Katrina Hatchett on 24 May 2019

There are simple solutions to ensuring your business is maximizing its system



Ana Canteli

B2b integration with document management 

Written by Ana Canteli on 17 May 2019

B2B integration is an excellent opportunity to improve the performance of the company; it reduces costs, streamlines file transfers and improves regulatory compliance and risk management



Why The Paperless Office Is The Future For Business 

Written by Mario Zules on 26 April 2019

While it might seem like a distant possibility, this the future of business. Many businesses are already moving towards the paperless office through using document management software such as OpenKM to streamline business process, cut costs as well as save on precious time



Improving customer service experience with records management 

Written by Alma Causey on 17 April 2019

One way of making consumers believe in your company's capabilities and the value of your products is to improve the customer service experience and one of the most straightforward techniques is through Record Management



Ana Canteli

Mobile handwritten signature 

Written by Ana Canteli on 12 April 2019

The digital transformation is the beginning of a change of era in which organizations and people, demand agile and accurate tools to lighten and shorten procedures and the electronic signature is one of them



Ana Canteli

Keyphrase extraction summarization 

Written by Ana Canteli on 3 April 2019

For organizations, it is an important investment in human resources, time and money to organize, classify and facilitate the information retrieval within the entity. Therefore, keyword and sentence extraction are parts of the solution for the best management of information in companies



How Meets Title 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements 

Written by Mario Zules on 22 March 2019

The regulation achieves three things: to ensure the security of online data, make sure that if somebody goes in and makes a mistake, system administrators can quickly go back and identify it and confirm with certainty the identity of each individual using the system using verified electronic signatures.


Top Benefits of Document Management Systems  

Written by Mario Zules on 15 March 2019

In this post, we will discuss top benefits a document management system can offer to any organization that is looking to improve their bottom line



Ana Canteli

How to save costs in the offices  

Written by Ana Canteli on 8 March 2019

OpenKM document management system puts at your disposal the implementation of all the measures that your company needs to reduce costs in the office



Ana Canteli

Document scanning services

Written by Ana Canteli on 01 March 2019

With OpenKM any organization can, through the process of digitization, save space and time



Ana Canteli

What is Knowledge Management  

Written by Ana Canteli on 15 February 2019

OpenKM allows to create and maintain the intellectual capital of the company and define and update the system based on the objectives of the organization



How Do Document Management Systems (DMS) Reduce Costs?

Written by Alex García on 06 February 2019

In this post, we will explore how document management software (DMS) or electronic document management (EDM) can help you to reduce your operational costs and improve your business process productivity


Josep Llort

Migration from Docuware

Written by Josep Llort on 04 January 2019

In this article, we will describe the migration between DocuWare and OpenKM. In a previous publication, I already described a migration process; in that case between KnowledgeTree and OpenKM


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